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A Humble Start

How did Cana Ministries begin? I can tell you that it was not planned. It simply evolved out of friendship and love. After a twenty year retirement from the ministry, I offered to officiate at a friend's wedding.

Shortly thereafter, the phone began to ring with requests for my services. I am personally forever grateful to the couple that provided the occasion for Cana Ministries to begin. That couple's decision has positively influenced other couples celebrating their marriage. None of us knows when we will become an agent of God's grace! Since that wedding I've discovered that, at least in the Atlanta area, there are many couples who want to solemnize their wedding in a spiritual context but are not currently affiliated with a church congregation. Consequently, they look for a minister such as myself - one who has the freedom to allow the couple to create a ceremony expressive of their faith and belief.  This is done without formal ties to a particular congregation or denomination or concern for issues that prevent a church wedding.



Music courtesy of Sandra Harris of Celebration Harp

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