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The Cana Ministries Prayer
A Prayer for Transformation

by Joseph Barta - 2003

Six jars of clay in an out of the way place
Sleepily wait for the appearance of grace.
Filled with water so ordinary and clear
To cleanse with ceremony and to make pure.

One by one the wedding guests appear.
Jesus and his disciples also draw near.
Everything now staged
For this triumph of God's grace.

The feasting goes long.
The wine grows short.
The steward warns the bride and groom
Who have little recourse.

A mother's concern
Discretely spoken to her son
He responds that God's will be done.

Awaken, O waters!
Your creator draws near!
His gentle voice never wavers
And the Spirit appears.

O wonderful, O transforming grace
Changing water into wine!
Changing an ordinary drink
Into a drink divine.

O, Jesus, our wedding guest divine,
You who changed water into wine.
We welcome you into our lives.
And therein transform our bodies, hearts and souls and minds.

Music courtesy of Amati Chamber Music

                                      Copyright 2005 by Cana Ministries