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 What Do Brides and Grooms and Others Say?             

08/22/2013  We cannot put into words how much we appreciate the fantastic job you did for us on 8/10!. 
You said such wonderful things about us. 
The wedding really was amazing and it was due to you. 
Thank you for the time and thought you put into everything you said. 


07/25/2013  Thank you for officiating our ceremony! 
It was a beautiful & and unforgettable day! 
Thank you for making it blessed! 


03/05/2011  . . . and I just wanted to say thank you for officiating our wedding ceremony. 
Everyone has told us how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how personal it felt  
I really appreciate the time you spent to get to know us and for making 
such an important event in our lives so special.  


11/05/2007  Thank you again for the beautiful service you performed for my son and new daughter-in-law (Angela). 
It was just fabulous.  One of Ted's uncles came up after this was just over and he said that it was the best wedding service
he ever attended "a ten out of ten".  Take care and I hope to see you in the near future.


11/05/2007  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I thought the ceremony was!  
It was exactly what I hoped it would be!
 I very much appreciate all of the time you put into creating a ceremony that was perfect for us!  
Thank you so much for everything.
I love having what you said in our ceremony below.  
It will be so nice to remember our ceremony years from now (especially on our anniversaries)!


11/02/2007  Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony you put on for us. 
We both really loved the personalized letters of wisdom you gave us. 
We both really appreciated you sending us a copy of our ceremony to read over into the future.
We really cherished our ceremony and the way you presented it. 
Thank you again for all the work you put into making our wedding wonderful and sharing in our special day.


10/19/2007  We are so happy that you were able to be such an intricate part of our special day
and you certainly made our wedding ceremony more special than we could have ever imagined! 
We are so lucky to have met you and we plan to always keep in touch ...
your kindness and words of wisdom will always remain with us. 
I hope that you will always allow us to come to you if we need helpful and reassuring words of advice 
or just to casually meet up for our Starbucks coffees. 
I love your idea of reviewing our wedding vows each year and we have most certainly made that a priority for our anniversaries! 
Once again, we have thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating our wedding ceremony with you
and we couldn't have asked for a more caring, loving, and enthusiastic Reverend to be a part of our wedding!


09/17/2007  Thanks so much for your kind email and, moreover, for turning our ceremony in something really special.
The wedding ceremony was just perfectly tuned with our personalities and our wishes.
I don't know how you did it but you really caught the essence of both of us!
For that, we are greatly appreciative for.
Rest assure that you have not only 'added' something to our wedding preparations
but really turned our wedding into a special event in our lives.


07/03/2007  We can't thank you enough for conducting our ceremony and we have received so many compliments.
Our guests really loved how the ceremony reflected us and they all said it was beautiful!
They loved how it wasn't just another generic wedding and how you really incorporated us into everything!


07/26/2007  Taylor and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on our ceremony.
You are by far one of the most honest and caring person we have ever met.
We greatly appreciate the time you took on personalizing the ceremony and you know us probably just as well as other people in our family.
It has been a real pleasure to get to know you and everyone commented on how wonderful you did.
Thank you for being a great part of this wonderful day of ours
and we do hope you stay in touch. I
f you ever need a referral, please push them our way. Thanks!



07/22/2007  . . . I wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the ceremony!!!
Everyone really enjoyed it and it had a nice personal touch that made it so special!!
Thank you and if you ever need a reference of any kind please let us know.
Again Thank you so much you made our wedding day very unique and special


07/02/2007  Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony!!!!  . . .

We have received countless comments regarding how great the ceremony was
and how much of a personal touch it had. 
I will have to say that it didn't ring through until we got back from the honeymoon and watched the video. 
Our families were overwhelmed by how great everything went.


06/25/2007  Thank you so much for leading us in a beautiful ceremony yesterday. 
Everything was perfect and I could not have asked for anyone more wonderful to perform the ceremony. 
From meeting with us initially to the follow thru on ideas & concepts , the final conference call to the ceremony itself --- 
everything was as we wanted it to be. You were terrific at guiding us down the path to discovering 
how we wanted our ceremony to feel and how to accomplish this. 
The ceremony was warm, sincere and spiritual but at the same time not stuffy or rigid. 
It was exactly as I had hoped. 

I've had calls today from everyone commenting on how beautiful everything was 
and how taken they were with the ceremony and you.

Thank you again for presiding over our very special day.


06/19/2007  The wedding was beautiful.  I am truly honored that your officiated it.
You were such a perfect fit for us!  Thank you for everything!!!


06/13/2007  I wanted to let you know how much we loved the wedding ceremony you did for A & L last Saturday. 
Everyone said what a lovely ceremony it was and you made it very relaxed and special. 
. . . 
A & L  had told me how much they liked you and that I would as well. 
They certainly got that right!! 
We really appreciate your attention to detail in blending the perfect ceremony for their interfaith marriage.


06/11/2007  I am Jewish, my wife is Protestant. 
29 years ago when we got married it was difficult to find someone in Virginia who would officiate at a interfaith marriage. 
It was stressful and all we wanted to do was get married. 
. . . 
Anyway, you married Saturday the oldest of our children and we could not have been more pleased at how you did it. 
My frame of reference was my experience of 29 years ago. 
I appreciate how you took the "diversity" of the situation and turned it into a positive. 
Although you came into my life for less than an hour, that hour will always be appreciated and cherished. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


05/29/2007  I still get comments on how great you were at our wedding. That is quite impressive almost two years after the ceremony. 


01/30/2007 You made the afternoon and the evening very special.  Thank you for working with us, 
helping us define the ceremony; and of course,  performing the service itself.   
We truly felt connected to you in many ways, and especially through our mutual Roman Catholic Faith and it's traditions.  
Furthermore, (we) truly believe that with your assistance we were able to commence a blending process with our two families.  
Thanks for staying the evening and meeting and greeting all the members of our families.   


11/10/2006  Thank you so much for meeting with us, getting to know us, and helping to put together our wedding ceremony.
. . . We enjoyed getting to know you. . . . Our wedding will be a day we will never forget and cherish forever.


10/08/2006 We want to thank you again for officiating our wedding. 
You definitely added a personal touch that made the day even more special. 
My mother, grandmother, aunt, and mother-in-law are still talking about how wonderful you were. 
We will stay in touch and it was our pleasure getting to know you. 


09/20/2006  We also wanted to thank you so much for planning and officiating our wedding ceremony. 
It was great to spend that time to chat at Cafe Intermezzo, to get to know each other before the wedding. 
After all those months of planning, the day went by so fast but we will never forget how special it was 
and how wonderful it felt that day. We're really glad that you were a part of it.


08/28/2006 Thank you again for officiating our wedding . . . 
Our families love the personal touches you added to the ceremony . . .
(We) loved that everyone got a few good laughs.
Thanks for making our day memorable.


07/08/2006  Thank you so much for a wonderful ceremony!
Both our parents commented on how appropriate all of the selections were,
and how you really made it personal by including how we met,
and instituting that into the ceremony. 
Needless to say most things were a bit of a whirl for us,
but the ceremony I do remember in its entirety (even getting that right hand / left hand thing backwards).
I really felt comfortable during the entire ceremony,
and the way you guided us through the passages was just perfect.

Thank you for all of your meetings with us,
and for actually getting to know us, not just thowing together some Biblical text
and showing up on the wedding day.  We really do appreciate that!! 
Our wedding was a great success, not just by our standards,
but by those of all of our friends and family who have contacted us
to let us know that all aspects, ceremony included, were beautiful.
Thanks for your part in making it such a success!!!!


06/29/2006  Thank you so much for all that you have done.  
You have gone way beyond our expectations . . .
you are a blessing to us


05/04/2006 I just wanted to personally thank you again for a wonderful wedding ceremony!!!! :) 
Everyone was talking about how wonderful of a job you did!  
Michele and I both agree you were fascinating!  


04/10/2006  Thank you!  You made our ceremony very personal and special.
Everyone commented to me about how they really felt like they were part of the ceremony.
Thank you!!!


04/07/2006 Thanks again for all of your help and assistance!  We were so glad to have you officiate at our wedding!  
Our family had friends had nothing but great things to say about you.


01/25/2006 Thank you!  Thank you!  We really want to thank you for helping us with one of the most
important days of our lives.  The ceremony was so personal and so "us".  We appreciate you taking the 
time to get to know us personally . . ..  The words you said that day will be with us forever.


11/29/2005 Thank you very much for officiating our nuptials.  It has been a pleasure to have you there
with us on our special day.  I have received great compliments about you.  My in-laws . . . said that
you gave a very personal ceremony for our families and was impressed.  Thank you for everything!


10/12/2005  Thank you so much for being a big part of our special day.  You did such a wonderful
job of capturing our personalities in the ceremony.  It was the perfect blend of seriousness and humor.
It was wonderful and we couldn't have hoped for anything more beautiful and perfect.


10/10/2005  I just wanted to thank you again for officiating our ceremony.  I have received numerous
compliments from friends and family about how touching it was.


10/03/2005 Thank you so much for pulling me together on our wedding day.  You were great!
You brought a much needed lightness to the situation.
09/27/2005 I just wanted to tell  you again how much we enjoyed having you officiate for our special day.
We have received so many nice compliments on the ceremony.

09/21/05  Thank you for the wonderful job you did at our wedding ceremony.  The sermon was lovely and 
the entire service was perfect & appropriate, especially to who we are as a couple.  We both feel so blessed
to have found you.  In our meetings with you, we could both sense what a genuinely good & true person 
you are & we are honored that you were the person to join us as husband & wife.

09/20/2005  I think every single person who was at the wedding made a point of letting us know how terrific you are.  
They enjoyed the ceremony, your joke about the Mexican music, and your special remarks about sailing.  
They raved that you are personable, charming, witty, and quite engaging.  
To say you impressed everyone is an understatement!  


09/06/2005  We just wanted to say thank you so much for officiating our wedding ceremony.
It was beautiful and turned out exactly as we had imagined.  We would not have changed a thing.
Thanks again for all your help.

07/23/05  Your willingness to work with us to find the perfect ceremony made our day truly special.
We received so many compliments on the ceremony and I know that we owe that to you.
Thanks for making this time so special to us.

CR & JK 

When my husband and I were looking for a minister, and came across Rev. Fr. Joe Barta of Cana Ministries,
we knew we had found a match.  Joe became more than just a minister to us-
he became a great and loving friend, someone we'll keep in touch with for years to come.  
He'll work with you to create a personal ceremony, one that reflects you and your future spouse's needs.


05/05/2005   Our honeymoon in Jamaica was terrific, but I gotta tell you, 
the ceremony was beautiful and we are beyond ecstatic to have had you perform it.

What can I say except a million times over and over thank you.
You made our wedding fairy tale perfect ...
It was just beautiful and we appreciate all your guidance every step up until our wonderful day.
Thank you so much!


05/03/05 . . . want to thank you for making our wedding so special.  All of the guests were so impressed
and moved by the ceremony.  We couldn't have dreamt of a more beautiful way to begin our lives together.

03/17/2005  Thank you just doesn't seem enough for all the beautiful things you said about (us).  We are so
grateful for all your help over the past year.  


You handle a service with warmth and calm and humor and class.  Can't ask for more.
DM, the wedding photographer
12/2004   Thank you so much for everything you did for us prior to and during our wedding ceremony.
(We) feel so blessed that we were able to meet someone like you in such a short amount of time
and really find a deeper connection.  In addition, many people at the wedding commented
on how wonderful the service was and how impressed they were with your delivery of the
ceremony.  Nothing could have made the ceremony more special to us - it was perfect.


Thank you for making it (the ceremony) just right for us.  
Everyone was touched when you mentioned all the relatives that could not make it.
God bless you for the perfect wedding.

Words can't describe how thrilled we were to have you officiate our daughter's wedding ceremony. 
We have had compliment after compliment in regards to your part of the ceremony.
Thank you so much for officiating our special day.  
Our families were very impressed with how beautiful the ceremony turned out.  
We were lucky to have found a minister as flexible and helpful as you were.
Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful job you did with the ceremony presentation.  
You were very professional and eloquent, but you also made us feel so comfortable . . .


I just wanted to say thank you for performing our wedding ceremony.  It was beautiful!  I really enjoyed getting to know you a bit throughout the
process.  K. & I are so happy with the way everything went.  You were just perfect for us and we are so happy that we met you and chose you to

I wanted to thank you on behalf of D., P, and all my family and friend, for a heart felt ceremony.  
Some of my friends actually said that they cried when P. was made a part of the ceremony.  
Also everyone liked the simple exchange of the marriage vows.  


We can't thank you enough for all you did.  . . . Everyone loved you and I've referred you to a lot of people.

Thanks so much for the wonderful ceremony.  We really appreciated your humor and your sincerity.  It was truly a great ceremony!


I feel that I have known you my whole life which makes me feel so much more comfortable. 

Christopher really appreciated the effort you put forth to make us feel comfortable.  He went home and called his family first thing to tell them how great he thought you were.
I wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you that L. and I both left the meeting with you feeling energized and very excited!  
L. walked away feeling just as happy about finding you as I did after my initial phone call with you.

AM & LK 
Thank you....And you are so kind to keep us in your prayers....I am really glad we met....I felt an instant connection with you; thus I can't help thinking that we were brought together.
I would like to say Thank You very much for the very lovely marriage ceremony you performed for my son,
. . . and his new wife.  . . . I feel very fortunate that I was able to locate you to perform the ceremony, which you did in a very professional 
and caring manner.
I would like to thank you again for the wonderful service you performed. 
We wanted to thank you for being apart of our wedding.  The sermon was beautiful.  We had such an incredible time.  
The memories of that day will never be forgotten.  I printed out the two attachments that you sent and I have put them into our 
wedding book of memories.  We will be sure to keep in touch.  Thank you again for everything.

Thank YOU for being part of our day! 
Everyone thought you were awesome!
Than you so much for all your time and effort put into making our day so wonderful. . . . You made us feel comfortable and thought of.

Thank you very much for helping make our special day even more meaningful.
I know that the ceremony itself was really a blessing to a lot of people.
Thanks for sending the pics and the sermon.  It is the first pics we have seen from the wedding!!!!  Thanks for being there, and you did a really great job!  We will forward you some pictures when we get them as well.
Thank you so much.  . . . We loved the special message you added to the ceremony.  That was VERY special.
Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for the ceremony for our 40th.  We will remember it always.

Thank you for a wonderful wonderful job on our ceremony.  Everyone we have talked to after returning from our honeymoon were very
complimentary on the service . . . 

JB & DS 

Music courtesy of Eric Larkins

                                      Copyright 2005 by Cana Ministries